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Portraiture, Figurative



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Friday, October 13, 2017

Lily: Portraiture

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Barbara: Portraiture

Friday, November 10, 2017

Tracey: Portraiture

Friday, December 1, 2017

Miguel: Portraiture




Live Model
Open Studio Session

(Hosted by Jenny Doh, for painters (and creators) of all levels
who want to paint/create referencing a live model)

Location: Studio CRESCENDOh

207 N. Broadway St., Suite L, Santa Ana, CA 92701


Jenny Doh

This is an uninstructed live model open studio session where painters are welcome to practice painting while referencing a real live model.

Artists are to bring their own paints, substrates, brushes and other items needed for their work aside from the following, which the studio will provide:

  • Experienced model
  • Good lighting
  • Good music
  • Easels and trays
  • Chairs
  • Containers for water (for acrylic and watercolor artists)
  • Gamsol mineral spirits (for oil painters)

It's a time to peacefully enter the painting zone, and paint alongside just me or me and any others who join in. No formal instruction, just good lighting, good music and good company of other humans painting at all skill levels:


  • 1:30 PM: Arrive and settle
  • 2:00 PM: Live model first pose begins
  • 5:00 PM: Live model final pose ends


  • When the live model is posing for portrait work, the poses will likely be two 20 minute posesand five 25 minute poses with five 5-minute breaks in between each pose.
  • When the live model is posing for nude figurative work, the poses will likely be several short 2-minute poses, some longer short 7-minute poses, and a few long 20-minute poses.
  • Please prepare your substrates and supplies prior to the first pose so that you can get right to work with the first pose.
  • If you end up arriving late or leaving early, please enter/exit during one of the breaks.
  • There is no official programming after the session is over but there are lots of wonderful eateries around the studio for any artists who may spontaneously feel like enjoying a happy hour after the session. A good time to develop and enjoy friendships.
  • Once purchased, the spot for this open studio is transferable but payment is non-refundable. Please read about this policy in our Studio Policies.
  • Please remember that this session is UNINSTRUCTED. There will be no instructor and therefore no instruction given. It is just a time for you to practice your work referencing a live model experienced with short and long poses.

Please read class policies for Studio CRESCENDOh here. By purchasing this class, you are agreeing to abide by the class policies.

Jenny Doh is a working artist, author, and constant learner.


When enrolling for a session, please indicate which date you for which you are enrolling. Thank you!
Price :: 25


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