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Tracy Verdugo

Tracy Verdugo

Tracy Verdugo

Tracy Verdugo

Tracy Verdugo

Paint Mojo with Tracy Verdugo
2-Day Workshop, March 28-29, 2013
in Studio CRESCENDOh
207 N. Broadway St., Suite L
Santa Ana, CA 92701

"To live a creative life we must

lose our fear of being wrong."
—Joseph Clinton Pearce


Over two days of discovery and play, we will explore new and non-threatening ways to make art, learn to be inspired in every moment and realize that there are no mistakes in the creative process, only opportunities to learn and grow! We will spend our time creating paintings and mixed media pieces spontaneously and intuitively, with no expectations, a wholehearted approach and an open mind!


  • Arrive & Settle: 9:00 :: Time for students to arrive, settle in, and grab a cup of coffee.
  • Class Segment A: 9:30-12:00 :: Class time with Tracy who will demonstrate and guide the 1st part of class.
  • Lunch & Stroll: 12:00 PM :: You can choose to brown bag it or take a stroll to one of the many hip and artsy eateries in the historic Artist's Village in Santa Ana, like C4 Deii, Chapter One, and The Gypsy Den.
  • Class Segment B: 1:30-4:30 PM :: Class time with Tracy who will guide the 2nd part of class.
  • Show & Tell, Clean-Up & Depart: 4:30-5:00 PM


  • Acrylic paints: 2 reds, 2 blues, 1 yellow, raw umber, 250 ml of white, and other faves. I like pthalo turquoise, Quinachridone magenta, and Quinachridone Nickel azo gold (NOTE: It is not necessary to bring GOLDEN paints. Any brand of acrylic paints will do and you are welcome to try some of mine. However, if you ARE able to do it, it would be helpful to bring at least 3 colors of fluid acrylics by GOLDEN in the 4 oz. size. Dick Blick is where I buy mine.)
  • 1 large canvas (30 x 30 inches)
  • 2 smaller canvasses (12 x 12 inches, each)
  • Spray bottle for water
  • 3 favorite colored inks (mine are flame orange, indigo blue and olive green, by FW Artists acrylic ink by Daler-Rowney)
  • Apron (or clothes you don't mind getting messy)
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Fine brush and a few other brushes (old and new) in assorted sizes
  • 6 small cheap foam brushes (about 4 cm across available at craft stores)
  • Stamps and other mark-making implements (think creatively!)
  • A4 size sketchbook
  • Poems, prose, and/or images that inspire you
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Please bring your playful nature but try to leave your critical voice at home. :)


  • Tracy will bring some GOLDEN fluid acrylics, matte gel medium for collage and glazing, inks and oil pastels to share.


  • Tracy will have a limited number of original art items and signed books on hand for sale.
  • Due to limited class size, the spot for this class is transferable but payment is non-refundable. Please read about this policy in our Studio Policies.

Please read class policies for Studio CRESCENDOh here. By purchasing this class, you are agreeing to abide by the class policies.


Tracy Verdugo is an Australian mixed media artist, singer/songwriter and workshop facilitator. She has had numerous successful solo exhibitions since 2002 and contributed to many group shows. Her work is in collections locally, nationally and internationally. Please visit

Saturday & Sunday, March 28-29, 2015
Price :: 325


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