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Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh

Jenny Doh

Painting by Heart :: Reno
{a workshop for beginners &
those who want to begin again}
with Jenny Doh

2-Day Workshop

March 18-19, 2017

Studio Location: Red Line Design

410 Mill Street, Suite 202

Reno, NV 89502

How do you feel when you look at the canvas and consider the process of painting? Is it possible for you to conceive of a way for that feeling to change and evolve? If so, how might you go about getting your feelings about the painting process to evolve ... anywhere from slightly to radically different?

Just like I would never hand over a sewing machine to someone who has never sewn and say "follow your intuition and just sew," I also think that guidance with paints and related materials are needed to get a person to feel comfortable with the painting process, before we engage our intuitions.

On the first day, I will demonstrate and teach numerous ways to help you manipulate and apply paint onto canvas so that you can build up layers, causing the canvas to transition from a "young" canvas to a "mature" canvas. The first part of this class will move quickly on purpose, to get you to stop over-thinking and simply try the methods out quickly, so that we don't develop emotional attachment to the marks prematurely, as we work with two canvases simultaneously.

Later in this first day, as we have started to digest the methods and as we potentially discover new ones together, we will rely more on our intuition as we each make decisions, solve problems, and wrestle with the resounding "what next?" when it comes to building layers on a canvas.

On the second day, we will embark on either leaving our canvases abstract or having them project a conceptual image. To do the latter, we will work on how to observe our canvases, and how to coax out concepts that the canvases may be projecting out to us through the marks that we have made. I will also demonstrate methods of how to deliberately place a concept onto the canvas, regardless of what the canvas might be saying. To leave a canvas abstract, I will demonstrate more fine-tuning methods that add polish and details that help an abstract work feel "done."
Both days, we will discuss many topics that will strengthen our fluency in the language of painting and art-making. We will discover the joy and power of expressing our unique perspectives through the wondrous world of painting.


  • Arrive & Settle: 9:00 :: Time to arrive, and settle in.
  • Class Segment A: 9:30-12:00 :: Class time with Jenny who will demonstrate and guide the first part of class.
  • Lunch & Stroll: 12:00 PM :: You can choose to brown bag it or take a stroll to one of the many eateries near the studio.
  • Class Segment B: 1:30-4:30PM :: Class time with Jenny who will guide the 2nd part of class.
  • Show & Tell, Clean-Up & Depart :: 4:30-5:00PM


  • 2 stretched canvases: 18 x 24 inches is a good size or something close to that size.
  • Acrylic paints in assorted colors. I favor Golden fluid acrylics. Make sure to include black, titanium white, titan buff, raw umber, red, blue, and yellow.
  • Acrylic inks: my favorites are Golden High Flow acrylics. FW Artist Acrylic inks are also very good. Black and white are great ones to start with.
  • Paint palette (palette paper or a stack of paper plates are good options)
  • Paintbrushes
  • (I like these. Brights (one that is about 1/2 inch and one that is about 1 inch) are all you really need)
  • Palette knife (or two or three): there are lots to choose from. This is a pretty standard one that lots of people start out with. Pick one that feels right to you. Eventually, you'll probably want to get several but you'll learn to use the one you get during class.
  • Baby wipes and paper towels
  • Container for water and apron or smock
  • Fineline Precision Applicators (gauge 20)
  • Derwent Inktense Pencils (in Ink Black)


  • Jenny will have a few small original works of art for sale.
  • Due to limited class size, the spot for this class is transferable but payment is non-refundable.

A note to beginners:

You are welcome just as you are. No need to fear a lack of experience, especially any sort of vulnerability because you haven't drawn or painted before or regularly. This workshop is your portal of entry where all of that will change.

A note to those who want to begin again:

You are welcome just as you are. No matter how much I paint, each time I paint I go through a block of sorts, where I need to learn again, how to sincerely be in touch with who I am and what I want to paint and how to stay sincere and expressive with all of that. This class will be an extention of the journey you are on.

Jenny Doh is a working artist, author, and constant learner.

Jenny Doh

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, March 18-19, 2017
Price :: 280


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